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Our courteous and skilled roof cleaning team is here to assist you, offering expert guidance on the best solutions for your roof. We provide no-obligation quotes, allowing you to make informed decisions before booking our services. Whether you require roof washing or moss treatment, we ensure prompt and efficient service. Tidy Roof is committed to delivering top-quality service at competitive rates.

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The roof plays a significant role in your home’s construction and necessitates a maintenance program similar to any other part of your house.

Degradation of the roof’s surface can escalate to deterioration of the roof structure itself, potentially causing more severe structural issues.

Furthermore, the exterior appearance of a property significantly enhances its value. Painting often proves to be a cost-effective solution for maintaining and enhancing the aesthetics of your roof.

In many cases, our technicians can administer this treatment from the side of the roof using ladders or from the ground, minimizing the need to walk on your roof. Our roof moss treatment is capable of targeting various types of moss, mold, lichen, and algae, boasting a proven track record with a 100% success rate.

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Minor Leak or Need a Full Repair?

We offer a comprehensive roof repair service, addressing issues such as leaks and the replacement of sheets and tiles. Our expertise extends to concrete and clay tile replacement and repairs, covering everything from single cracked tiles to complete overhauls of ridges and hips.

Additionally, we specialize in long-run metal and metal tile roof repairs, including the installation of new flashings. With 15 years of experience serving Tauranga and beyond, our expert team delivers top-notch results in roof maintenance and repair.


Typical indicators of roof issues include missing or damaged tiles, dented metal tiles, leaks, or water stains on the interior ceiling. Additionally, sagging areas and dark spots on the ceiling may signal that your roof requires attention.

The duration needed to complete a roof repair can vary significantly depending on several factors. Firstly, the extent of the damage is a key factor. Minor repairs, such as patching small leaks or replacing a few tiles, can often be finished within a few hours or in a single day. However, more extensive repairs involving larger roof sections or structural issues may take several days to complete.

Another important factor is the type of roofing material used. Weather conditions also play a crucial role in determining the repair timeline. Adverse weather like rain, snow, or strong winds can lead to delays, underscoring the importance of planning accordingly.

Furthermore, the complexity of the job is a significant consideration. Projects involving additional components like flashing or gutters may prolong the repair process. Some repairs may be more intricate and time-consuming due to their complexity. Despite these variables, our team of skilled professionals at Tidy Roof is dedicated to providing an accurate time estimate tailored to your specific needs. We prioritize efficiency without compromising the quality and safety standards we uphold.

We recognize that the terminology within our industry can be perplexing at times, so it’s crucial to differentiate between roof repair and roof replacement as they serve distinct purposes and entail varying levels of work.

Roof Repair: This involves addressing specific issues on an existing roof, such as leaks, damaged tiles, or minor wear and tear. The focus of the work is typically localized to particular problem areas. Roof repair is usually quicker and less expensive than roof replacement, making it a suitable option for resolving immediate issues without replacing the entire roofing system. It’s akin to patching a tire rather than replacing it entirely.

Roof Replacement: This is a more extensive process where the entire layer of the existing roof is exchanged. Roof replacement offers the benefit of upgrading the overall quality, longevity, and appearance of your roof. It’s typically considered when the roof has reached the end of its usable life, or when repairs are so extensive that replacement becomes more cost-effective. Roof replacement provides a fresh start, similar to getting a new set of tires instead of continually patching the old ones.

The decision between repair and replacement will hinge on various factors such as the age of your roof, the extent and nature of existing damage, and your long-term plans for the property. A thorough inspection by our experienced professionals can furnish you with valuable insights to facilitate an informed decision.

Regardless of the path you choose, you can trust that Tidy Roof will adhere to the highest quality and safety standards, ensuring that your roofing solution is both resilient and dependable.

At Tidy Roof, we frequently partner with homeowners seeking insurance coverage for roof repair or replacement. Whether your insurance will cover the cost of roof repairs largely depends on the specifics of your insurance policy and the cause of the damage.

Typically, damage deemed “sudden and accidental,” such as that from storms, hail, or fallen trees, is often covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy. Conversely, damage resulting from wear and tear or lack of maintenance usually isn’t covered. It’s essential to carefully review your policy to understand what is and isn’t covered.

We advise consulting directly with your insurance provider to fully comprehend your coverage. Should you have any questions or require assistance navigating the insurance process, our team at Tidy Roof is here to help, ensuring that the repair work upholds the quality and safety standards we’re renowned for.

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